This interactive video exhibition tries to create an interactive experience with video art works where it’s the audience who gives life to the art.
It is a fusing of the traditional picture and video that together makes the art work come to life. The art work will be made interactive in a gaming format and especially staged.
All of this will make the exhibition a total experience to participate in.
The universe of M DoT Strange becomes an expression of perfection because is was made unpolished. The perfection that rules is at the same time raw, edged and charming. In all of this we meet a bunch of mysterious characters. Characters that have their own distinct personality and behaviour that can only be activated by their audiences lust for participation.
The exhibition was staged in a bunker from World War II that together with the light and music sets a dark frame for the art works to come alive in.


Year: 2015
M DoT Strange
Exhibition design: Brian Ulbrichsen
Curator: Brian Ulbrichsen
Supported by: Indre By Lokaludvalg