Brian Ulbrichsen, is educated from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts School of Design, Copenhagen. Brian has set up several spatial art installations in the city environment, where he has concentrated his work around colors, materials and surfaces in the open space. Brian has a fascination of both the urban open space as well as an ordinary room as a base for his art. He creates new universes, where the audience are leaving the real, often grey, world, and walks directly into a new world filled with inspiration and experience. Brian Ulbrichsen is being inspired by the surroundings. With his art he is able to create stories about the society, people and the time we are living in and give the audience sensational experiences using light, spaces, rooms and coloring, he appeal to the guest and provide the framework to ease the presence and explore the present.

Selected exhibitions
2018 Salon Forever Young - Gallery VESS, Copenhagen, Denmark
2017 This is Blue, if you are in doubt - KE, Copenhagen, Denmark
2017 Strong Is The New Skinny - Gallery VESS, Copenhagen, Denmark
2016 Oases in Copenhagen - Byens Hegn, Copenhagen, Denmark
2015 Emptiness - Pavillon no. 11, Copenhagen, Denmark

Grants & Residency
2018 Danish Art Workshops - Copenhagen, Denmark
2017 Danish Arts Foundation - Work Grant
2016 Danish Arts Foundation - Awarded to support the exhibition Velkommen i Skoven

Selected talks and presentations
2019 Salon ESCAPES - arranged by JAC Studios and Molly Haslund
2017 Salon BODY+BUILDING - arranged by JAC Studios and Onsdagsskolen

2015 Cand. Design - The Royal Danish Academy of Art, School of Design
2013 Ba. Design - The Royal Danish Academy of Art, School of Design

2017 Politiken - Performancekunstner forvandler Vesterbro-galleri
2018 Politiken - Kunstner forvandler galleri til skønhedssalon

Copenhagen - Denmark